That cute girl with the gapped teeth? That's me, Megan. I don't remember much at the age this picture was taken, but I do remember sitting with my grandma at her kitchen table drawing together. She was a great artist, and I would just try to keep up and stay in the lines. This is where my passion began. After braces and college (Hoo Hoo Hoosiers!) I moved to Chicago without a job, but a work ethic that would lead me to where I am today. Over ten years of working in agencies and building brands, I have developed a passion for strategic design, inspirational messages, and honest communication. My next move is unknown, but I will be designing, taking risks, and continuing my education.


To put it simply, working in agencies both large and small, I've learned my job isn't my title. I love the opportunity to take on a project from the start and work with my team to make the client rethink the way they look and sound.


Besides helping friends design logos, t-shirts and wedding invitations I appreciate a good meal, a good run, a good concert, a good read and a good font. Not particularly in that order.


Henkel Brands / Costco / Walmart / Sam’s Club / Target / Kroger / CVS Pharmacy / Hewlett Packard / Green Mountain Coffee / Ford Motor Company / Axway / Trustwave / NetApp / DeVry University / Boys Scouts of America / City of Chicago / CF Industries / Dora Grace Bridal


2013 Summit International Award “Trustwave Global Security Report" / 2008 CADM Tempo Award: Runner-up “AGL Annual Fundraiser” / 2005 International Davey Award: Gold Winner “ACOFP Strongest Link” / 2005 Marcom Creative Award: Platinum Winner “AOA Student Survival Kit” / 2004 Communicator Award: 1st Prize “AOA Membership Kit”


To download my full resume please download here.